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The DHP Series (Dehumidifier Heat Pipes™)

 Dehumidifier Heat Pipe Catalouge

Passive humidity reduction with no moving parts, pumps or additional energy input of any kind. Using the proven Dinh® Dehumidifier Heat Pipe™ Principle, the DHP typically precools incoming air by 8 to 13° F instantly, allowing the cooling coil to meet the dewpoint faster and with greater efficiency. Condensate removal by the cooling coil is greatly enhanced, often doubled by the heat pipes.One of the most valuable aspects of heat pipe dehumidification is the fact the process of reheat uses the same heat extracted in the precool section of the heat pipe. Because heat is not added to the conditioned space, it does not have to be removed by the cooling system, as with all active reheat methods such as electric strip reheat or hot gas loops.
 May replace electric strip reheat
 Passive reheat does not add heat to the conditioned space
 Uses no pumps or any other mechanical devices
 Operates without interference of existing circuiting
 Low pressure drop
 May allow downsizing of entire A/C system

DHP: Factory or Field Installed Wrap-Around Dehumidifier Heat Pipes

  The Wrap-Around DHP is available by retrofit, either in the HPT factory or on site. HPT has installed the DHP in almost every major HVAC manufacturer’s system, with thousands of installations now in the field.


Applications: Typically installed in A/C manufacturer’s catalog units: chilled water air handlers and DX equipment, both packaged and split systems.

DHP-U: U-Framed Dehumidifier Heat Pipes
  The DHP-Us are completely fabricated at the HPT factory and can be installed around a cooling coil without assistance by HPT technicians.  They can be slid into place horizontally or lifted into place from above.


Applications: Typically installed by custom A/C manufacturers around chilled water cooling coils.

DHP-B: Combination Coils
  The DHP-Bs are the combination of wrap-around dehumidifier heat pipes and a cooling coil in one coil pack.  The heat pipes are circuited and charged and ready for operation.  The cooling coil is fabricated according to the customer’s specifications with appropriate headers and fittings.


Applications: Can be installed in both chilled water air handlers and direct expansion (DX) equipment, both packaged and split systems.


DHP-C: Controllable Dehumidifier Heat Pipes

  The DHP-Cs are designed to give the user the flexibility to modulate heat pipe operation.  Heat pipe control is achieved through the use of multiple solenoid valves.  The number of valves in each system depends on the size of the heat pipes.


Applications: Typically used where there is limited cooling capacity or where dehumidification needs to be closely controlled.

DHP-M: Monoflat Heat Pipes
  The DHP-Ms can be easily reinstalled if alterations are made to the A/C system and do not require close proximity to a cooling coil for installation.


Applications: Typically installed in ductwork.

Rooftop unit with front return and supply  
Side-by-side vertical air streams Over and under horizontal air streams with heat pipes in vertical plane

Side-by-side horizontal air streams

 Dehumidifier Heat Pipe Catalouge

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